List of products by manufacturer ADR AG Advanced Digital Research

As german manufacturer of fully automatic CD/DVD copyrobots (duplicators) with integrated printing systems we made it our business to produce reliable high-grade CD/DVD industry-robots for our customers which endure even hardest conditions.

At the Systems 2004 we showed for the first time a series of applications which connect our machines to existing software structures with Linux and therefore optimize internal processes of creating CDs and DVDs. Together with our partner X-NET we were able to realize the first projects successfully. - Worldwide ADR AG is the only company building a module system which can be upgraded from 1 to 10 CD or DVD drives. You grow with your copyrobot and secure your investment. - Our customers process CDs and DVDs and print their labels with inkjet or thermotransfer fully automatically. - By laminating (lacquer coat) the surfaces are sealed professionally.