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ICS is the pioneer in the disk drive duplication market, having first introduced this technology to the world in 1990, protected by a US Patent.

About IT Products: ICS is the leader in the design and production of creative solutions that help companies in both the manufacturing and business environment. ICS is the pioneer in disk drive duplication, having first introduced this patented technology to the world in 1990. The ICS Image MASSter product line offers an efficient solution for all hard drive cloning needs. As the size of the installed images on hard disk drives has increased tremendously, the option to replicate these images via network has increasingly become time consuming and a burden on the IT resources and the network. ICS's stand alone products offer much higher speeds and increased productivity. Coupled with keeping pace with fast moving disk drive technology, our products provide an ideal solution for duplicating these drives. Forensic Products: ICS is a widely known and well respected industry leader in Computer Forensic Data Acquisition. In the mid-nineties ICS introduced innovative forensic tools based on its patented technology of capturing data at high speeds, to fight the surging computer-based crimes such as identity theft, child pornography etc. The forensic products developed by ICS have been designed as a result of close consultation and cooperation with various Law Enforcement Agencies in the U.S. and other parts of the world.


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