Rimage Professional 5410N Disc Copy Station

Rimage Professional 5410N Disc Copy Station

5410N Disc Copy Station v2.0

The Professional 5410N Disc Copy Station™ provides the ability to create working copies (both label and contents) of your existing disc archive while still providing all the standard 5410N functionality. Quite simply, the Disc Copy Station has dual functionality in a single package.


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Rimage Professional 5410N Disc Copy Station
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The Disc Copy Station produces working copies of any disc. A working copy duplicates the recorded content on a new disc with a slightly degraded, but clearly readable disc label. The Disc Copy Station enables quick and easy copies of original discs – saving the trouble of searching for disc labels and content on the network, in disc archives, or in that ‘unknown’ location somewhere in your facility. It eliminates the need to go outside for screen printing to create duplicate discs. It eliminates the need for hand-labeled discs.

In addition to easily copying discs, the Disc Copy Station can be used as a standard Rimage disc publishing system to publish new discs for any purpose. The 5410N Disc Copy Station is also a networked disc publishing solution that is as easy to use as a networked printer or copier. Simply connect an ethernet cable and it is connected to the network. When using a 5410N Disc Copy Station as a disc publisher, users have full access to all Rimage Producer Software Suite features for network integration, custom solution development, and integration into existing workflows.

The 5410N Disc Copy Station includes Rimage’s latest printer technology, the Everest™ 400. The Everest 400 is a full color thermal retransfer printer providing 400 dpi resolution.

Recording Options
Two front-swappable Blu-ray Disc recorders.

Printing Options
An integrated Everest™ 400 printer provides full-color or monochrome printing.
Request a free Rimage Everest 400 print sample.

Embedded Control Center
The 5410N Disc Copy Station includes an embedded control center so it can be configured as a network device and accessible by one user, one work group, or the entire organization. There is no need for a keyboard, monitor, or mouse.

Standard Features

  • Touch screen monitor
  • Disc Copy Station capability and Disc Publishing capability in one system
  • Blu-ray recorders
  • LCD interface displays system status
  • 150-disc input capacity (3 bin)
  • 5-disc external output bin
General Specifications
Control Center Embedded Control Center
Blu-ray Disc Support Yes (optional)
Network Ability Yes
Refer to the Rimage Advanced Setup (Networking) Guide
Number of Recorders 2
Recorder Configurations 2 Blu-ray
Embedded Printer Everest 400
Internal Bin Capacity 3 bins / 50 discs each configurable for input/output
External Output Bin Capacity 5
Number of Different Media Types Supported Up to 3 types of media can be installed at any one time.
Physical Size
Height 25.6 in (65 cm)
Width 14.8 in (38 cm)
Depth * 19.5 in (49 cm)
Weight 76 lb (34 kg)
  * To accommodate power cords and wiring, add 3.5 inches (9 cm).
Technical Requirements
Networking Ability Refer to the Rimage Advanced Setup (Networking) Guide
Power 100 - 240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 4.7 - 3.7 Amp, 500 watt maximum
Environmental Requirements
Operating Temperature 60° to 86° F (16° to 30° C)
Operating Humidity 40% to 80% RH non-condensing
Storage Temperature 4° to 122° F (-20° to 50° C)

Specifications subject to change. More product specifications.

Each Disc Copy Station system includes a full set of software to:

  • Easy to use touchscreen interface
  • Easily make working copies of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
  • Automatic bulk copy mode or manual single copy mode
  • Submit new or saved jobs for printing and recording
  • Control system operation
  • Monitor production of one or a number of Rimage systems
  • Create custom applications

CD Designer
CD Designer provides users the ability to create, import, and customize graphics to be printed on your disc surface.

Features include:

  • Simple drag-and-drop operation
  • Add graphics, text, objects, and photos from almost any source
  • Supports mail merge options from external data files
  • Includes examples and templates

QuickDisc and DiscFlow*
QuickDisc(Windows®) and DiscFlow(Macintosh®) allow operators to assemble and submit projects to their Rimage system.

Features include:

  • Simple drag-and-drop operation
  • Supports CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc printing and recording
  • Prepare, submit, schedule and monitor job status
  • Save projects for use in the future
  • WebRSM - Submit jobs from any networked computer with a web browser.

Production Server
Production Server enables asynchronous control of recording, printing and robotic movements, plus the staging of projects.

Additional Features:

  • Includes a log file to monitor jobs in process, pending jobs, completed jobs and canceled jobs.
  • Enables the bulk read feature which allows multiple discs to read and be saved automatically.
  • Allows job streaming of projects for increased throughput.

Web System Manager (WebRSM)
WebRSM provides access to all Rimage systems on the network, allowing one operator to control multiple Rimage systems from anywhere on the network.

Software Developer Kit (SDK)
The Rimage Software Developer Kit includes the APIs (Application Programming Interface) and information needed to create custom applications and control any Rimage system. The Rimage SDK is the most robust SDK in its class. It includes a Rapid API and Web Services to develop any application easily.

*DiscFlow is optional and sold seperately.