UReach MTS High-speed SAS/SATA Duplicator/Eraser

UReach MTS High-speed SAS/SATA Duplicator/Eraser
  • Open-platform design accepts all typed of special external hard disk enclosures.
  • Supports both SAS & SATA interface at 18GB/min high transfer speed.
  • Compliant to both DoD5220.22-M erase , NSA Erase and NIST 8008-88 Secure erase standards.
  • Supports asynchronies erase.
  • Log Report Management records all tasks details for better production management.


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UReach MTS High-speed SAS/SATA Duplicator/Eraser
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Impeccable High Speed

With up to 18GB/m transferring bandwidth‧  Each SATA interface is independent, no matter how many

targets you would like to duplicate, the speed of the hard drive duplicator stays the same and doesn’t decline.

9 GB per minute is far beyond PC-based duplicators.

Supports Asynchronous Erase 


Systems & Data Copy 

This mode can identify the HDD formats of Windows (FAT16/32/64, NTFS), Linux(ext2/ext3/ext4), Mac(HFS, HFS+, HFSX).

It will only copy the data and system contained area, which enhances the copying efficiency very much.

Device Compatibility

  • Supports GPT, MBR table format.
  • Supports Advanced format HDD, Up to 10+TB device.
  • Support OS: Linux, Unix, Windows, Macintosh, etc.

 with Real-Time PC Monitoring

It is absolutely perfect for MONITORING the work progress during operation. It shows all the information for EVERY PORT,

which is a powerful tool for sorting out the lagging writing HDD and keeping the operation in most efficient. All the

information you need will be shown on screen of PC.


1. It’s able to monitor HDD MT Series HDD Duplicator withduplication status from PC while duplicators are connected to it.


2. Shows and records the brand name, model, S/N, duplication time, result of every HDD from all the ports, the info of

both sources HDD and target HDD are recorded.

3.Slow R/W speed HDD detection: lagging HDD can be easily sorted, because user can see the duplication speed of

every port by “Event Log”.

4.To select a period of time in order to export part of the log data. Just one click, the data will be exported into

.txt file and saved on PC. The date of export is the file name. (e.g. 20130308.txt)

Log Report Management

Records operation time, each port’s process details, including HDD’s model, capacity, S/N, result (pass, fail).‧

Real-Time recording and viewing Log Report via PC-Link.

Stand-alone operation

Stand-alone  is excellent in simplifying operation and very user-friendly (operating on four buttons of

duplicator would complete all the jobs).