U-Reach Super HDD Duplicator

U-Reach Super HDD Duplicator

- Impeccable copy speed: up to 9GB per min for each port and up to 99 targets.

Bit-by-bit Data Comparison

Supports "System and Files" Copy

Percentage Copy

Quick Erase, DoD Erase, and Secure Erase


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U-Reach Super HDD Duplicator
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Impeccable High Speed

Copy Speed is 9GB/m for all devicessynchronously. The speed for one target duplication is

the same as for 16 ones. The speed will not decline no matter how many targets are connected.

Supports All Partition Format for Duplication

Bit for Bit Duplication copies all kind of data format
Able to proceed Systems & Files Copy
, when device is Windows(FAT16/32/64, NTFS),

Linux(ext2/ext3/ext4), Mac(HFS/ HFS+/ HFSX) format, to greatly reduce copy time

4 ways of Sanitization:
Quick Erase Erase HDD index table, and only takes A FEW SECONDS to complete
Full Erase Erase the whole HDD content
DoD Erase Complies with the U.S. Department of Defense's standard of erasing.
Secure erase A National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-88 accept technique for properly purging hard drives. This method is supported by almost all modern SATA HDD.
Interface Compatibility
Supports all major brands of 2.5”, 3.5” SATA HDD/SSD.
Device Compatibility
Up to 15TB
Support GPT, MBR table format
Support Advanced format HDD,
Supported OS: Linux, Unix, Windows, Macintosh, etc. are all supported.
Smart LED Indicator
The LED clearly indicates duplication status. There will not be any confusion anymore.
Stand-alone Operation
Complete standalone system, no computer required. Stand-aloneis excellent in simplifying operation and very user-friendly (operating on four buttons completes all the jobs)
Firmware upgradable
  Firmware upgrade available with well-experienced team support.
Maximum Speed Supported 9GB/min (real test with 16 HDD fully loaded)
Operating Type Stand alone operation, no PC required
Language Support English, Japanese
Display Monochrome LCD Display
Status LED LED (Red/Blue) on each slot
Control Button 4 push buttons (▲ / ▼ / OK / ESC)
Copy Options

Quick Copy (System and Files), All Partitions,
Whole HDD, Percentage Copy

Compare Function Bit by bit compare
Erase Options Quick Erase, Full Erase, DoD Erase, Secure Erase
Skip Bad Sector  Self-setting Bad sector tolerance from 0 to 65535
HDD Type Support all major brands of 2.5”, 3.5” SATA HDD/SSD
HDD Format Support GPT, MBR table format
Support Advanced format HDD
Support big capacity HDD up to 15TB above
HDD Format supported for Whole HDD Copy All types of Formats
HDD Format supported for Quick Copy Support Windows(FAT16/32/64, NTFS), Mac(HFS/ HFS+/ HFSX),  Linux(ext2/ext3,ext4)
Hardware specification
Power Consumption 80W 250W 300W 400W 600W  
Input Voltage Required 100V~240V
Working Temperature 5°C ~ 45°C
Storage  Temperature -20°C ~85°C
Working Humidity 20% ~ 80%
Storage Humidity 5% ~ 95%
Dimension (cm) 36x26x24 56x40x33 54x29x46 59x58x33 79x35x67 50x47x66
Weight (kg) 4.3 8.5 9.8 15.1 19 29.2
Certification FCC, CE, RoHS
* The actual specification may subject to change without notice.