UReach 4 Port HDD Eraser

UReach 4 Port HDD Eraser

- 5 Erase modes - Quick Erase, Full Erase, DOD Erase, Secure Erase, Full Erase

- Connect a printer to printout real-time passed records of each HDD

- Export all log report via USB drives, including HDD serial number, processing tasks, time and results

- Fast/shortcut key (GO) can perform asynchronous HDD erase of each port


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UReach 4 Port HDD Eraser
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Evidence Eraser Series:
HDD/SSD Hard Disk Eraser-TP400-G

Using data overwrite in erase mode had been proven safe and effective method to prevent the risk of data retrieval by others. The HDD is cleaned and can safety be discarded or recycled. TP series eraser allows all business to seek an economic way to perform the safest hard drive cleaning and recycling work. There are 5 types of erase mode that can provide various application levels, from general, corporate, banking and military use.  


Product Features

Print the certification directly for every erased HDD.
Erase log report records all detail for production analysis.
5 modes of erase available for selection , DoD erase, 7 wipe erase, Secure erase, Full erase, Quick erase.
Invisible Proof Mark (IPM) technology can protect the erased HDD by an IPM signature mark. Once the erased HDD status is changed,
  the IPM technology will detect and shows the correct status.






Does your HDD disposal process safe?
  TP Provides 3 layer of Protections for Data Security Vulnerabilities.
3 Layers of Protection
1st. Layer Protection — Print Proof  
2nd Layer Protection    
3rd Layer Protection — Invisible-Proof Mark (IPM)
Invisible-Proof Mark (IPM) technology can protect the erased HDD by an IPM signature mark. Once the erased HDD status is changed, the IPM technology will detect and show the correct status. 
You can check :
1. If the HDD is erased.
2. The method of erase.
3. If the erased HDD is changed.
Model TP400-G
Target 4-port synchronous erase, 1 to 3 duplication
General Spec Buffer memory 128MB
Support maximum
7.2 GB/min (120MB/sec)
Operating type Stand alone operation
Language Chinese/English
Display Monochrome LCD display
LED status LED (Red/Green) on each slot
Control key 5 types of keys: ▲(up), ▼(down), OK (confirm/enter),
ESC(exit/cancel), GO(erase/fast key/continue)
Function Erase Quick Erase, Full Erase, DoD Erase, Secure Erase,7 Full Erase
Copy Quick Copy (System and Files), All Partitions, Whole HDD, Percentage
Compare Yes, bit-for-bit
Compatibility OS Quick Copy: FAT16/32/64, NTFS, Linux(Ext2/3/4),Mac(HFS/HFS+/HFSX)
Copy format Whole area/All partitions copy: all formats
Interface SATA 1.0/2.0/3.0 directly supported directly.Or IDE, eSATA, CF, SD via adapters.
Support MBR, GPT Yes
Hardware Spec Power Auto power control
Power consumption: 60W
Power supply: Adjustable voltage 100V-240V, 50/60Hz.
Dimension (cm) 19.5 x 9.5 x 3
weight (g) 700
Temperature Operation: 5°C ~ 45°C Storage: -20°C ~ 85°C
Humidity Operation: 20% ~ 80% Storage: 5% ~ 95%
Certification FCC、CE、RoHS