Memjet Technology

Memjet Technology

Memjet color printheads use what we call "waterfall" technology. Simply put, each printhead fires millions of ink drops per second. It's more energy efficient. It's more mechanically sound. The Memjet printhead is a radical shift in printhead design.


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Memjet Technology
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Memjet Label Printing Technology

Providing remarkable simplicity, speed, and profitability in color printing

Memjet does not make printers. Instead, they make printers better by supplying innovative technologies and components to partners like Afinia Label. These printing technologies include blistering-fast printheads that are supported by Memjet controller chips, software, and ink.

Revolutionizing Label Printing

Memjet is changing the way businesses print. In some cases, the technology is even creating entirely new business opportunities. By enabling full-color printing at the speed of production, businesses are able to reduce or eliminate storage and shipping costs. Full-color labels can now be printed on-demand with variable data; and short runs can now be printed affordably, for a low total cost of ownership.

Waterfall Technology

Memjet Printhead Components

Afinia Label printers feature “Waterfall” Technology. Simply put, our Memjet-powered L801 Digital Color Label Printer features 70,400 jets per printhead that shoot 700 million ink drops per second.

It’s more energy efficient. It’s more mechanically sound. And, it’s up to eight times faster. Even faster than most black and white printers. The technology is a radical shift in printhead design. It literally changes everything and has a useful life of up to millions of inches of printed labels. Also, since the printhead is stationary with the paper moving underneath, there are less moving parts, for added speed and reliability.

Memjet & Afinia Label

Afinia Label emerged as a digital label printing system leader in 2012 when they collaborated with Memjet to co-develop a commercially viable narrow web label printing solution. Afinia Label is now one of the largest distributors of Memjet-based label printers in the world.

Not only does Memjet technology make our L801 Digital Color Label Printer one of the fastest available (it prints up to 14,400 4×6″ labels per hour), it also creates labels that cost up to 85% less that other inkjet label printers. A printing technology this fast needs a high-performance chipset and ink, which is what has been created for this novel label printing process.

Desktop Case Studies

Dreidoppel GmbH now prints smaller quantities of custom jobs faster than ever.

Getränke Herbert GmbH brought their label printing in-house to increase speed and efficiency on small runs.

CertiFresh Cigar uses Memjet technology to give their high-end clients a high-end product.


See how Glenoaks Food meets changing government regulations by printing labels on demand