OKI Pro 1050 Label Printer

OKI Pro 1050 Label Printer

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Colour Options: 5 Colour (CMYK + White)
Media Handling: Transparent Labels, Glossy Paper, Synthetic Film and many more
Label Length: 12.7mm - 1320.8mm
Roll Wind Direction: Face-out, Face-in
Print Speed: Max. 152.4mm/s
Auto Cutter: Rotary blade full cut


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OKI Pro 1050 Label Printer
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OKI's Pro1050 Label Printer helps businesses develop versatile, professional labels that capture maximum impact. Perfect for on-demand, high-quality label printing, the OKI Pro1050 Label Printer is easy to set up and requires minimal training to use. With the unique ability to print in 5 colours (CMYK+White), the Pro1050 provides users with the enhanced flexibility that comes from printing on transparent or coloured label media.

Profitable on-demand printing in-house - set up jobs in minutes, with minimal training

The OKI Pro1050 Label Printer provides manufacturers and small label providers the ability to offer on-demand short-run colour label printing services.  Access a lucrative new revenue stream and customer base by offering personalised and highly individual labels for products or events in 4 or 5 colours. With minimal training required and flexible configuration, the Pro1050 Label Printer delivers internal label printing capability across a broad array of different tasks.


  • Generate additional revenue and grow your business by winning new customers
  • Remove the need for proofing; print creative label designs in the exact quantity you need
  • Set up new jobs in minutes
  • Multiple uses from product labelling to food, beverage, cosmetic, electrical device and horticulture, the opportunities are endless

Versatile media handling - for professional label printing

Superb media handling capability makes it easy to print on a huge range of media including textured papers and synthetics with white, clear, opaque or coloured substrates. With a minimum volume of a single label and no setup requirements, labels can be highly tailored to specific campaigns or customer requirements.

  • On-demand printing of rolls of different media, including paper and synthetic film
  • Print labels for outdoor use, freezer and cold storage, food, beverages and household goods
  • Labels can be printed and cut to produce a roll of labels

Bringing a new colour dimension to labels - fifth colour or CMYK option enables greater flexibility in label design

Combining digital LED together with dry toner technology, the 5 colour (CMYK+1) label printer, allows for greater flexibility in label design. The white can be used to create exceptional designs on coloured or metallised effect substrates (gold and silver) which are difficult to print using other digital technologies. Capture attention with unique eye-catching labels without impacting costs.



  • Intricately designed labels  on transparent or coloured labels are now possible in house            
  • Print white typeface on clear or coloured backgrounds to clearly highlight your messages
  • Print promotional or security labels at the touch of a button
  • All this without impacting the cost of a label

Robust water/chemical resistant printing - for robust labels that survive underwater and are resistant to UV fading

Print waterproof labels that are robust and resistant to UV fading and have also been tested to survive underwater. These waterproof labels meet EU standards. Under EU rules, some two-colour labels must survive for up to three months underwater without the label or printed matter coming away or significantly disintegrating. Using the synthetic ‘Teslin’ material, the Pro1050 can be used to produce multiple-colour narrow-format waterproof labels that have been tested to survive underwater for the duration of the EU-mandated period.

  • Waterproof labelling for horticulture, where plant and tree labels must withstand wet conditions
  • Print outdoor labels resistant to UV fading for up to one year
  • Chemical resistant labelling for home and personal care

The Pro1050 brings a new colour dimension to the printed label. Using digital LED together with dry toner technology, the Pro1050 offers a unique fifth colour or ‘CMYK+1’ option, allowing for greater flexibility in your label design. Printing on transparent or coloured label media is now straightforward by printing an opaque white background under the CMYK image.

Eye-Catching Labels

Ideally suited to brand owners and print houses, the Pro Series 1050 Label Printer is designed to print any quantity from a single label to many thousands. Only print what you need reducing wastage and saving valuable time and budget.

With the same High Definition Colour printing and digital LED technology as OKI’s Graphic Arts Printers, the OKI Pro1050 brings creative printing to life with vibrant colours and high-quality output at 1200 dpi.


Chemical Resistance

Using the synthetic ‘Teslin’ material, the Pro Series Label Printer can be used to produce multiple-colour narrow-format waterproof labels that have been tested to survive underwater for the duration of the EU-mandated period. This waterproof printing capability also lends itself to other industries including horticulture, where plant and tree labels must withstand wet conditions and be resistant to UV fading for up to one year.


Product Labelling

For brand identity for food, beverages and household goods, the Pro Series can be used across a range of narrow-format label types, bringing the best results for all kinds of printed labels. Outdoor use labels, freezer and cold-storage labels, or labels for standard store cupboard products, the Pro Series can deliver them all. It can easily handle short-run label demands across a range of RUXO media types, unlocking a choice of options on coloured labels and formats.



Printing Method Digital 5 LED Full-color Electrophotographic Printing Method
Media Format Roll
Media Type Transparent Labels, Plain Paper, Film, Plain Paper Label, Glossy Paper Label, Film Label, Synthetic paper Label
Media Width 29.64 - 130.0mm
Media Thickness 0.076 - 0.25mm
Label Length 12.7 - 1,320.8mm
Label Width 25.4 - 125.76mm
Media Detection Gap
Black Mark (printed on back of liner)
Roll Outer Diameter Max. Ф203.2mm (Ф8")
Core Inner Diameter Ф76.2mm (Ф3")
Roll Wind Direction Face-out, Face-in
Print Width Max. 125.76mm
Minimum Print Margin Top:2.12mm
Cuttable Media Length Min. 101.6mm
Print Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi
600 x 600 dpi
Print Speed Max. 152.4mm/s (6ips)
Interface 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T, USB 2.0 (High Speed)
Protocol TCP/IP
Printer Language PCL 5c emulation, PCL 6 (XL) emulation, Adobe PostScript 3
Supported OS (Click here for latest OS) Windows 10, Windows 10 x64, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 x64
Processor ARM CPU 1.2 GHz
Memory (Std./Max.) 2048 MB / 2048 MB
Hard Disk Drive 250 GB
Font Adobe PostScript 136 fonts, PCL emulation 81 scalable fonts, 4 bitmap fonts
Media Sensors Position adjustable Transmission Gap Sensor
Position adjustable Reflective Black Mark (printed on back of liner) Sensor
Auto Cutter Rotary blade Full cut
Dimensions(WxDxH) 1,040 x 477 x 441 mm
Weight(not includes supplies) Approx. 62.0 kg
Operating Environment Operating: 10 - 30 °C, 20 - 70 %RH
Storage: 0 - 43 °C, 10 - 90 %RH
No condensation
Power Consumption Operating: Max. 1,200W / Ave. 740W
Idle: 27W
Power Save: < 25.0W
Unit Life 5 Years or 500 km
In the Box DVD-ROM, DVD-ROM (BarTender UltraLite Edition), Power cable

OKI Pro 1050 - 5 Colour Label Printer