Multi-Cello II

Multi-Cello II
  • small footprint and compact design
  • very easy to use
  • fast system for high output
  • low maintenance
  • duration and temperature adjustable
  • Tested by CE and SEV
  • Equipped with a larger roll mount


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Multi-Cello II
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The ADR Multi Cellophanierer II can shrink-wrap a lot of other products besides optical media. The great advantage of hood shrinking wrappers is that they can shrink wrap nearly anything as long as it fits under the hood. The VMADR100 has additonally been equipped with a larger roll mount and has also been tested by CEV and SEV to assure safety and reliability. The system has an high output is very flexible and easy to use for everybody.

Maximum Product size (mm)  

350 x 240 x 140

Welding frame (mm) 

380 x 250

Max. foil size 

D. 200 x 350

Type of foil for welding   PVC - PE - PP
Type of foil for shrinking   PVC - PE - Fine shrink film
Machine size - open (mm) 

930 x 550 x 580

Machine size - closed (mm) 

930 x 550 x 370

Machine packed (mm)   1040 x 650 x 570
Electrical connection (V)   240 (ask for others)
Power max. KW   1,2
Weight (Net/Gross)   36/48
Phase   1